Gather. Grow. Go...
To the Glory of God.
                    We believe the Biblical account of Creation to be true, not theory.  We are created in God's image.

Some people believe the universe is billions of years old. It is often
pictured as coming from the result of a giant explosion-the big bang.
These people believe that all living things (and we ourselves!) came
from a series of accidents (mutations) happening gradually over
millions of years. Others believe that God used evolution to “create”
over millions of years. Still others believe that God created
progressively over millions of years.
But these views do not agree with the biblical record. These are the
views that we need to tear down. In their place we need to build up the
truth that the Bible, God’s word to us, records the true history of the
universe. It gives a completely different account of how everything
came to be and what has happened since then. The Bible reveals that
God didn’t use evolution to create and that the earth isn’t millions of
years old.
To counter these worldviews we utilize Gods word and curriculum that
incorporates verbal, visual and hands on techniques in children’s and
adult classes. These classes explore questions about the Bible, the earth,
creation, evolution, dinosaurs, etc. Our goal is that each student, young
and old, will begin to see how the Bible relates to all life, and how
biblical history helps explain the world in which we live today.
Youth classes are held in conjunction with our youth club that meets on
Wednesday evenings. Adult classes are offered at various times. For
information regarding all classes please contact our church office.