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Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotionals and Prayers

Do you read e-mails every day but only read the Bible in church on Sunday?  Do you wish that you could start a daily devotional but are having trouble getting started?  Maybe you already read the Bible regularly or do a daily devotional but are interested in trying something different to re-energize your spiritual life? 


There are many resources available on-line that you can use to kick-start your daily spiritual life, many of which can come to you directly for free in an e-mail format.  Other services will send a text message to your phone for a fee.  Since there are literally thousands of choices, here are some suggestions to help you get started:


Suggestion on how to make time for daily spiritual nurture:

 Daily PCUSA Reading:

E-mailed Daily Devotionals

From the Upper Room:

For older adults

For women

For men

For Students:


Text Messages (note that there is a charge to subscribe to these services.)



Daily Bible Readings
The PCUSA has daily Bible readings.  You can  have them e-mailed to you from PC(USA) by subscribing through the link 

Let us know if you find ones that you like so we can share it with others!