Gather. Grow. Go...
To the Glory of God.


August 16, 2020

    Welcome To First Presbyterian Church

Celebration Of Worship

The Lord’s Day

The Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost       

August 16, 2020             11:00am

Blessing Of Children At The New School Year

 Prelude                                                                          Joe Gainey

            The Prelude is meant to be a time of quiet reflection as we prepare for worship  

Welcome and Announcements     

We Gather In Worship

 Spoken Call To Worship                                                                                      

*      Hymn Of Praise No. 464                                         Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

                                                                                                           (Vss 1,3)             

    *      Opening Prayer And Our Lord’s Prayer  ( “debts” and “debtors” )   

    *      Apostles’ Creed    (Traditional

   We Worship Through Meditation 

           Anthem                                                                         Chancel Choir 

We Worship Through Illumination

           Pastoral Prayer

           Scripture Reading                                                         Matthew 28:16-20


 Sermon                                                                                                  "How Little Things Make A Big Difference"                                          Rev. Dr. Billy T. Lowe

      Our Journey Is Directed By The Word Of God

      *       Hymn No. 260                                                     A Mighty Fortress Is Our God                                                                                                                                 (Vss 2,3) 

   *       Benediction

   *       Postlude                                                                        Joe Gainey

      *      Those able, please stand

Announcements and Invitations

Phase 2 Reopening at FPC

One service only at 11:00 am.    Live-streamed and recorded for Facebook and YouTube; Visit FPC webpage at to hear audio recording of the worship; Singing by the congregation; Social Distancing and Mask required; No childcare offered during worship; Thank you for your continued cooperation as we travel through this pandemic. We covet your continued prayer support.  By Order of the Session.

.C.A.R.E. Team “R” will be serving this week for our C.A.R.E. Ministry.  They are asked to come individually not as a group to pray and write cards.  Please see your team captain for further instructions.

 .Renee’ Reep, financial secretary, will be on vacation this Thursday and Friday, August 20 and 21.

.Blessing of the Students – Today during 11am worship. Students are to place their book bag at the pulpit area upon entering the sanctuary. A care package will be provided for all students.

.Holy Communion – Sunday, August 23, 11am Worship.  We will be using pre-packaged elements which consist of a sealed cup of grape juice and a communion wafer.  For those who cannot attend worship we will deliver your communion package to you ahead of time.  To reserve your communion package to be delivered: call the church office at 704.435.6064, ext 101 or email  

.Public Education Sunday is August 23Recognition of all teachers in Sunday School, Youth Club and School Teachers.

.Adult Zoom Confirmation Class – beginning Tuesday, August 25 at 7pm.  Class limited to 10 people.  Call or text Will Upchurch to join this class at 704.472.6024.

.Stated Session Meeting (in person) – Sunday, August 30, 3pm in the Fellowship Hall.  Social distancing will be observed including wearing of masks.

.Adult Bible Study (Hebrews) – See today’s insert.

.PYC and Middle School Ministry Kick-Off – Sunday September 13, 5:30 to 7pm at the church.  Hot dog/Smores Social!  Social distancing will be practiced.

.Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. James (Kelly Atwell) Carni who were united in marriage, August 8, 2020 at the residence of her parents,Mike & Jyma Atwell of Cherryville, NC.

.Has Your Email Address Changed? If your email address has recently changed please contact the church office (

.Complementary Copies of the Upper Room Devotionals for September/October available: Fellowship Hall hallway entrance.

.FPC Care Ministry is ongoing with our CARE Ministry keeping in contact with our shutins and writing cards that have been requested. 

For requesting prayer concerns and other matters contact the church office, Pastor Bill or email your request for the CARE Ministry to

.Thank you for your continued financial giving.  Here are some options to send in your Tithes/Offerings if you are not able to give it on Sunday mornings … 1. Via post office mail.  Please note that you can place your check in the envelope, seal it, place a stamp on the front and mail directly.  No need to place it in another envelope to mail. 2. Place the envelope in the silver, wall mounted, church mailbox which is also secured located in the alcove of the Fellowship Hall Hallway, Mulberry Street side.  3. Set up Bill-Pay through your online banking for your pledge to be sent to the  church.  If you need assistance you may contact Renee’ Reep (FPC Financial Sec) at 704.435.6064, ext 102.

.Hospital Based C.A.R.E. Ministry Update - If anyone knows of a church member who is admitted/will be admitted to one of the 4 local hospitals please contact the church office at 704.435.6064: Gastonia, Cleveland, Kings Mountain, Lincolnton.

.FPC Prayer Chain Ministry – A way to join together in spirit and to lift up others who experience unexpected illness or death.  Call requests after 8:30am to Janice Howell, coordinator, at 704-435-3037.

Weekly Reporting

                   Faithfulness Through Church Attendance

                    August 2         11am Worship – 42

                    August 9         11am Worship – 44

   (As a courtesy to others please turn off the volume on your cell phone during Worship)

Welcome To First Presbyterian Church
August 16, 2020

Please Note: Names are printed in Prayer Concerns for 

2 weeks at a time as they are called in to the church office

Members – Don Alexander, Sandra Brown, Reba Craft, Kay Crawley, Lisa Dover,Brandon Heavner, Martha Sellers, Jim Sigmon, Margaret Stroupe, Tommy Stroupe

Shut-in Members - Ava Anthony, Kathie Browne, Nellie Carpenter, Bill Crawley, Dick Lester, Ann Ramsey, Joyce Sellers, Jim Sigmon, Marie Sigmon, Connie Wise

Friends and Family of Our Church Members –Martha Beam, Brenda Blanton, Carolyn Cheves, Judy Gladstone, Gay Grabeel, Kenny Greene, Eddie Hamrick, Jeanne Homesley, Tara Jones, Doni Kerley, Carl Lankford, Caroline and Ronald Philbeck, Butch Powell, Richard Puett, Dr. John Reynolds, Dot Scism, Mike Webber, Steve Wilkinson, Nichole Williams, and Those Infected With The COVID-19 Virus

Christian Sympathy is extended to the family of Mrs. Lecy Quinn.  Lecy past away August 12 at home.  Arrangements to be announced.

Military (Church Family & Friends) – FS1 Robert and YN1 Brandie McCants, CW3 Mathew Simmons, Col. Mark Van Brunt   

Others – FPC' s Capital Campaign; Golgotha Presbyterian Church, Guatemala

Presbytery of WNC Prayer Calendar - Please be in prayer for Pine Street Presbyterian Church, Lincolnton, NC. 

 Recordings of the 11:00am Worship Service are available for you to hear on 

    our Church Website: For those of you who are watching FPC on     Sunday mornings via live-stream we encourage you to  "Like"  and "Share" so more   people can see our worship Services.

   We also post our Services on Youtube after worship service each week. The audio
Church Website: will also be loaded to our Website Sunday afternoon.

First Presbyterian Church

Memorials / Honorariums

July 1 – Jully 31, 2020

 In Loving Memory                           Given By                                                                               Rec’d

Selena Alexander               Martel Sigmon                                    7/19/2020

                                        Don & Newell Alexander Family            7/08/2020

                                        Dot Sigmon & Family                                  7/8/2020

                                        Renna Long                                                7/11/2020

Babs Beam                        Art & Susie Lewis                                        7/20/2020

E. L. Beam                        Art & Susie Lewis                                        7/20/2020

Gay Brown                        Perry Brown                                                7/5/2020

Mabel Brown                     Perry Brown                                                7/5/2020

Gert Fisher                        Don & Newell Alexander Family                    7/08/2020

Terry Fisher                                   Art & Susie Lewis                                        7/20/2020

Kay Helms                                      Art & Susie Lewis                                        7/20/2020

Rick Helms                                     Art & Susie Lewis                                        7/20/2020

Edwin Homesley                         Art & Susie Lewis                                        7/20/2020

                                                              Betty Jane Robinson                                   7/5/2020

D. B. Ramsey                    Art & Susie Lewis                                       7/20/2020

Troy Sellers                       Art & Susie Lewis                                      7/20/2020

Ken Shelton                      Art & Susie Lewis                                      7/20/2020

                                       Renna Long                                              7/11/2020

Reita Stroupe                   Alan & Cathy Cloninger                              7/22/2020

                                      Johnny & Brenda Stroupe                           7/19/2020

                                      Art & Susie Lewis                                      7/20/2020

                                      Janice Metcalf                                           7/15/2020

Katherine Weigel              Martel Sigmon                                          7/27/2020

                                      Kat Sigmon                                              7/27/2020

Becky Wilkinson               Martel Sigmon                                         7/19/2020