First Presbyterian Church

 Creation Class

Creation Classes are provided for children in the 4th -5th grade during our Wonderful Wednesday evening ministry... Youth Club.  The curriculum used promotes a biblical perspective of the world with a heavy emphasis on apologetics, theology dealing with the defense and proof of Christianity and Biblical truths.

The creation room provides a multifaceted learning environment for congregation members of all ages, with verbal and visual reinforcements to the truths of God's word.  As we discuss Biblical history the students can look around the room and see it represented with art work.

Each piece of art represents a biblical event. In class, we teach the students that there are 7 C's of history: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe (the flood), Confusion (tower of Babel), Christ, Cross and Consummation (Christ's return). 

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For more resources and information on Creation, check out the Creation Museum in Kentucky website: