A Ministry of Hope and Healing

The fabric of everyone’s life gets torn at times. A tear may be caused by the loss of a loved one, a child leaving home, or the end of a major relationship. Other rips are caused by conflicts in the family or the workplace, and even within one’s own self. There may also be a slow unraveling over time that weakens our joy and confidence, leaving us feeling frayed and afraid.

Mending Through Counseling

The staff of Presbyterian Samaritan Counseling Center can help. All of our counselors are highly educated mental health professionals and many are theologically trained, ordained ministers. Our staff is united in the belief that healing and wholeness involves treating the body, mind, spirit, and one’s relationship to community. This is why our mission is to be ‘A Ministry of Hope and Healing’, seeking to integrate the psychological, medical, and theological disciplines to the desires and needs of each client. While clinical research continues to indicate the value of spirituality and faith in the overall health of individuals and families, we do not try to convert clients to any particular faith, but rather to create an open, nonjudgmental space in developing a relationship with clients.

Schedule An Appointment

Rev. Dr. Robert McCully, Jr., D. Min., LPC, N.C.

Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist is our on-site campus counselor.
To schedule an appointment, contact him at (704) 554-9900.

For more information, visit check out their website: http://www.presbyteriansamaritan.org/

Grief Counseling

sponsored by Carpenter’s Funeral home

Contact Rev. Leonard Bumgardner at (704) 435-6711