A Place for Everyone!

Sunday School touches lives from the very young to the young at heart and helps build a faithful foundation as we grow older.  

Sunday mornings are a time filled with laughter, smiles and friends in a learning Christian environment.  There is a place for everyone as we grow in our faith together. 

We begin each Sunday at 9:45 am.

Sunday School Classes

Infant & Toddler Nursery is provided during Sunday School.  This class is located in the Toddler Nursery on the Lower Academy Hall. 

The 3-4 Year Old’s class enjoys learning about Jesus through songs, stories and crafts. This class is located in the Children’s Wing on the Lower Mountain Hall.

K-3 Sunday School class addresses the spiritual formation of children through Bible stories, prayer, art, games, and technology. This nurturing environment provides an opportunity for each child to know, love and serve God. Located in the Children’s Wing on on the Lower Mountain Hall.  

Way of the Child is for grades 4-5 is a Sunday School class for 4th and 5th graders that helps them develop an intimate, personal relationship with God. This class provides opportunities for children to experience and practice spiritual disciplines to nurture that relationship for a lifetime. This class is located on the Lower Academy Hall.

Middle Sunday School class is for grades 6-8. Lessons center on everyday life and how the Bible helps make good decisions. This class is located on the Upper Academy Hall.

Senior High Sunday School class is for grades 9-12.  This class has discussions about issues facing teens and what God has to say about their life and struggles. This class meets in the PYC room on the Upper Academy Hall.

The New Beginnings class is a group of adults all of ages who love the Lord and encourage others to follow their lead.  They are doing a deep study of the bible, one book at a time. This class meets on the Upper Academy Hall.

The Frank Browne class members include couples and singles ages 50+.  Lessons center around various books with Biblical support.  Past authors include Max Lucado and Henri Nouwen.  Members share experiences, opinions, insights and humor to gain 
new and/or deeper meanings of the Word of God in our daily lives. The class meets in the Sanctuary Wing.
The Naomi Stroupe class meets in the Ladies’ Parlor to learn from the Presbyterian curriculum “The Present Word”.  This group of women is very supportive of each other through prayer and care.  The class meets in the Sanctuary Wing.

The Sally Quinn class is a group of women that meet in the Conference Room to study the Presbyterian curriculum “The Present Word”. This class is located on Lower Academy Hall. 

The Men’s Bible Class begins with singing followed by a brief business session.  Men of all ages are welcome. Lessons from “The Present Word” are taught on a rotation basis.  This class is located on the Upper Mountain Hall.